Simple Tips For Being A Great Bridesmaid

Congratulations in your new role as bridesmaid. It is a special honor to stand up for one of your loved ones and be a part of this memorable day. Keep the following tips for being a great bridesmaid in mind and you will be a definite asset to the bride’s wedding party.

Don’t be a drama queen

The bride and groom are running the show. Period. This is not your wedding, it’s theirs. Be prepared to have a difference in opinion from time to time as the planning process can become intense. It is vital to be a positive anchor for yourself and the bride. Leave the drama back in high school. If she wants you to wear a rainbow taffeta gown, do it with a smile on your face. If there are gossiping gals among the bridal party, choose to stay strong and refuse to participate in negativity.

Planning priorities

Many people have a year to plan the wedding as this allows ample time to complete checklists without feeling overwhelmed. Some have considerably less time and feel like they’re being pulled in every direction at once. Whichever situation your bride is in, help out by compiling an organized binder or spreadsheet to keep everything sorted. Have some section tabs for the following:

  • Budget
  • Invitation preferences
  • Party favors
  • Music lists
  • Menu ideas and signature drinks
  • Decor/centerpieces/lighting ideas
  • Dress/material swatches
  • Floral options
  • Kid’s activities

Contact lists

Asking the couple to share their guest list and contact information once the invitations are decided will help you plan the bridal shower and the bachelorette party down the road. Consider alphabetizing the list or separating it for males and females so you ensure that no one is left out.

Support her dress decisions

It is a lot of pressure to find the right wedding gown, let alone dresses that flatter the rest of the bridal party. Bridesmaid dresses can be tricky to narrow down at times. If she prefers everyone matches, go with it. However, if multiple people feel uncomfortable, there may be different styles available from the same designer in the same fabric. Honest opinions are important but practice some couth. Nothing is worth your bride having hurt feelings.

Discuss responsibilities ahead of time

Does the couple expect you to pay for your dress, shoes, hair, makeup and matching jewelry? Is there a road trip in your future to secure specialty items? Figuring out your financial commitment is necessary in order to ensure a win-win for everyone. Assume nothing and ask questions instead.

Checking in

There are numerous details that require extra hands. Finishing party favors, picking things up, booking appointments and hot-glue gun marathons are common bridesmaid tasks. Check in with the bride and even the Maid-of-Honor to see if you can be extra help. Remember, if everyone does a little, no one has to do a lot by themselves.

Mind your alcohol

Yes, there is reason to celebrate and be enthusiastic. However, watch your booze levels during the wedding and reception to ensure that you are being respectful and polite at all times.

Plan an awesome bachelorette party

Take your bride’s personality into consideration. There is no law that says trashy outfits and male strippers have to be a part of this (unless your bride wishes it). Consider a backyard fire and BBQ, go camping for a weekend or hit a luxurious hotel and spa for some pampering. Ask the bride what kind of bachelorette party she would have the most fun with. Remember, this is the time for her to de-stress and celebrate.

Have an emergency kit ready

Are you prepared if extreme thirst or low blood sugar strikes during pictures? Pack a bag with food and water, extra deodorant, bobby pins, safety pins, a sewing kit, sunscreen, sunglasses, perfume, nail polish, mints/gum, lotion, umbrellas and hairspray to save everyone from potential catastrophe.

Have fun!

Keep in mind the celebration you are a part of and be grateful. If things are disorganized and time consuming, definitely vent but not to the bride. She has enough going on without worrying about your complaints. Resolve to have fun no matter what while keeping these tips for being a great bridesmaid in mind.

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