With our experiences in handling many Paphos Weddings over the years, we feel able to answers some questions before you ask them! If you have further question not covered here please contact us, we are always happy to provide additional information.

General Questions & Answers – Paphos Weddings

Can I have fresh flowers for my bouquet?

Yes you can, there are some beautiful flowers including traditional blooms like roses, lilies and carnations, we also import a wide selection. You can select a bouquet to match your bridal colours.


Can we choose a specific date and time for our wedding?

As dates fill up extremely quickly it is advisable to book as early as possible. We ask for first second and third choice of dates and we do our utmost to secure one of them for you. To help you, civil weddings take place Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm and on Thursday afternoon (except July and august) from 3-5pm. Hotel weddings are conducted Monday to Friday from abou2-6pm depending on the location of the hotels. Church weddings are as follows: Anglican weddings at ayia kyriaki on Monday and Tuesday and at st. George’s chapel on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Catholic services are held at the ayia kyriaki on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and at st. George chapel on Monday and Tuesday.


Do we have to get married in church?

It is not essential that you marry in a church. You may have a civil wedding in many different venues


How do I get my wedding dress over?

Your wedding dress supplier will know how to advise you regarding packing; they will normally have special boxes for the occasion.


How many guests can come to my wedding?

As many or as few as you want, reception venues have varying capacities so it’s up to you.


How will we get to the church or town hall?

Here in Paphos the standard modes of transportation are white decorated Mercedes, a vintage car or a horse drawn carriage. If you have a large party we can provide coaches and mini buses.


May we choose our own music for our wedding?

At the town hall you can have a cd playing the music you want to walk down the isle to. Most churches have a limited selection and will play the traditional wedding march.

What about witnesses?

Just as in the UK. You will need two witnesses to sign your marriage certificate. Your witnesses must be over eighteen years of age. If you are not having any guests at your wedding we will provide witnesses for you.


What vows will we take?

The vows are the traditional ones taken in the UK For church ceremonies. In town halls they are similar to registry office vows in the UK During a blessing you may add your own vows.


When will we know our wedding date?

When we receive your deposit we will immediately register your names with the town hall or the church and will contact you as soon as the date is confirmed.


Will I be able to have a traditional wedding cake?

Yes of course you can, your cake will be made to your specifications so you get exactly what you want.


Will our wedding be legal in the UK?

We can assure you that your marriage is completely legal and recognized by UK Law.


Will the ceremony be in English?

Yes, all the ceremonies are conducted in English.


Will we have to bring any special documents with us?

Have a look at our section ‘legal requirements’, there you will find a list of all the paperwork we will need from you. We shall require photocopies of all the documents six weeks prior to your wedding day.