Romantica Restaurant aim to ensure that all our Cyprus Weddings are a success.  Each and every wedding day will be unique and special.

Once you have decided to use Romantica Weddings we will begin to arrange your wedding day. This includes booking the Church (if necessary) or Registrar and of course the Romantica Restaurant for your chosen wedding date.

To enable us to secure the above, you are required to pay the following deposits.

Romantica Restaurant Room Deposit   –  Euros 150.00 (Non Refundable)

Church Fee

If we are arranging the church on your behalf we will advise you by email the amount required, as this does varies depending on your requirements (Non Refundable)

Administration Fee Euros 100.00 (Non Refundable)

All remaining payments will be due upon your arrival in Cyprus – prior to your wedding.

It is your responsible to ensure that you are in possession of all valid and correct legal and travel documents required for your wedding.